I help small & mid-sized businesses leverage digital media & online automation to dominate their local markets.

I help small & mid-sized businesses leverage digital media & online automation to dominate their local markets.

I've helped offices with 200+ employees as well as solo independent operator shops.

If you're small or mid-sized there's a solid chance I can help.

A few companies that have trusted me with their brand.

What I Do Best.

Digital Consulting For Small Businesses

My specialties in this order are Mortgage Professionals (both Retail and Consumer Direct), Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Investors. I've also helped photographers, e-commerce and apparel companies at a high level.

Lead Generation Automation Software

Your leads are your lifeblood.

If you aren't in control of your incoming leads, you're wrong. And if you're not keeping in front of your current book of business, you're wrong again. If you don't have control of either, we can pretty easily change your life.

Website & Sales Funnel Development

We build sales funnels and websites that are optimized for lead generation and come fully equiped with a backend automation platform that allows you to control your business. More Income. Less Time.

This is a must mantra.

Testimonials / Case Studies

I helped Scottsdale Branch Manager Joe add an additional 37 closings to his pipeline last year by implementing automated SMS Data Base Reactivation.

This is a very replicateable strategy outlined here.

Ed out of Sullivan Wisconsin has maintained a WHOPPING 9.4x ROAS by working with me. For every $1 Ed puts in, he's been getting $9.40 out!

We worked with his company to lay out a laser focused Retargeting Strategy.

Milton out of Las Vegas made an additional $11,200 in his first 60 days of working with me. To get here we went heavy with Facebook ads and added a brand new high converting website. Very scalable, especially if you're in the mortgage and real estate niches.

6 months after starting with me, Ben out of Wauwatosa now has a buyers list of over 1,500 contacts! Plus huge brand recognition!

"...just yesterday I had 3 buyers call me to start looking at houses. It happens now almost daily."

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